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The printing machines installed at Viba Press arecapable of not only delivering top-notch quality, but volumes as well.

The leader of the pack is of course our new Heideberg Speedmaster 102 CD. Completely automated, it has features like auto dampening, auto clamping, auto inking, ink zone temperature control, and fullycomputer controlled operations. Caliberated as per our CtP, it ensures accurate colour reproduction. Its intelligent system remembers the ink zone setting for all jobs and this translates into repeat jobs consistency. It can handle any kind of stock and its technically superior features ensure qquick job ready time with virtually zero wastage. It's signature size is 28"x40".

Other printing machines installed at our press include:

  • Four Colour Heidelberg 102VP
    28" x 40"
  • Four Colour Heidelberg (MOV)
    19" x 26"
  • Double Colour Heidelberg
    25" x 36"
  • Double Colour Dominant Adast
    19" x 26"
  • Single Colour Heidelburg (SORK) with Auto Numbering attachment
    25" x 36"